Aari are agricultural and pottery-making indigenous ethnic group inhabit the northern part of the Mago National Park in Southwestern Ethiopia. They live around Jinka. They mostly cultivate maize and sorghum (or inset in very high altitudes), supplemented by other grains and legumes. Vegetable gardens, fruit trees, and various root plants also flourish. Plentiful rains and fertile soil produce rich crops most years, even when neighboring areas suffer drought. Cash crops are coffee and cardamom. People raise sheep (or goats in the lowlands) and cattle as well as chickens. The artisans (blacksmiths, tanners, wood carvers, potters, basket weavers) belong to a particular lineage called Mana. Traditionally they were despised by other clans and were not allowed to marry outside of their own lineage, but this is changing with the influence of both the Gospel and politics.