I hope you will enjoy the stories I share with you...
Dani warriors
How they live and how they "fight"
Wine & saffron
What the life of a half million of monks in Burma looks like?
Who are they, these stars of Omo Valley?
Chin people
Illustrated story of one of most persecuted minority groups in Burma
Kayan women
Many faces of the girls from Loikaw
Ukuli Bula
Come of age ceremony by Hamer people
Good coffee, cigars, high quality rum... That's the taste of Cuba!
Daily life in Amazonian forest
Photo exhibition series
Cuban fighters
Story of some olympic champions which are prohibited to became pro
Few shots about their spiritual cuture...
What's going on on the Kenyan border
It's about how we stopped the ants attack
At one of the bloodiest funerals in the world
Festival of Lights
See one of the most beautiful festivals of Burma...
Green rice plantations, porcelain and arts, Hmong people in the mountains...
See how colorful are quechua people

Magda Zelewska – Kosminska

Photographer & Traveler

After having graduated in Poland with a Masters degree in Literature, Magda decided to move to Paris and pursue her studies in an Applied Arts school. Always having been passionate about photography and travel, Magda has met many people through her travels around the world (to Ethiopia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Papua, and more) and immortalized these trips with her camera. What she has most enjoyed from her trips has been spending time with people from different places-observing how they live and spend their daily lives. She is particularly fascinated by tribes.

  • 4 times “Grand Prix Photo of the Month” – National Geographic Traveler
  • Survival International Contest 2017 (cover of the calendar “We, the people”)
  • The Biggest Photo Contest in the World (PHOTO magazine)
  • “Show us the World” photo contest
  • “Vietnam through my Eyes” (exhibit at the Vietnam House in Paris)
  • RFP Photo Contest 2014
  • “Photos from the world” – Photo Contest 2015 and 2016
  • Grand prix – ASF International Fine Art Photography contest 2015
  • Unesco and CFPA Humanity Photo Awards 2015