Ukuli Bula


Ukuli Bula

Omo Valley (Ethiopia)

passe-partout 40x50cm
window 30x40cm



The Hamer (or Hamar) tribe has a famous ceremony involving bull jumping by young men about to marry. Other African tribes in the Omo Valley such as the Bashada, , and Banna also practice this ritual. The bull jumping ceremony also involves his sisters and young female relatives being whipped with sticks before the actual jumping of the bulls takes place. The women willingly take part in the ceremony, even though they will be scarred for life. The ceremony tends to unite the family as if the woman ever falls upon on hard times, she can rely upon the man to help her. The scars on her back are said to be proof of her sacrifice for the man and it is therefore impossible for the man to refuse her needs in times of emergencies.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 45 × 55 × 3 cm

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